The OARS™ is a critical component for improved patient outcomes, safe and effective prescribing, and SBIRT.

Summarizing The Problem

The CDC, FDA, and ASIPP stress that risk stratification is critical, but must evaluate psychological variables

The Crisis Rages On

Despite ongoing nation-wide efforts to combat the opioid crisis, meaningful progress is slow, and the epidemic persists.

Vicious Cycle

Psychological risk factors increase likelihood for misuse and hinder pain improvement, exacerbating the need for medication and likelihood of misuse.

Limited Tools/Knowledge

Most tools include little or no psychological variables, and most prescribers have little training in the areas of addiction or mental health.

Don't Guess: Assess™

The Opioid Abuse Risk Screener (OARS™) is a HIPAA/HITECH compliant psychological assessment tool, intended for use by pain management specialists and others who may prescribe opioids. The OARS facilitates:
  • patient-centered and value-based care
  • diagnostic risk stratification prior to consult
  • SBIRT and other prevention practices
  • improved patient outcomes
  • documentation of due dilligence

Easy and fast iPad or online administration provides comprehensive assessment of opioid risk in 10-15 minutes at home or in the clinic

Opioid Risk Pofile is available immediately upon completion of the OARS, providing critical insight before consult

With little-to-no staff training required, the OARS™ can be deployed in your practice as quickly and cheaply as turning on your device.

The OARS™ demonstrates strong psychometric properties and predicts aberrant urine drug tests and controlled substance database checks

The OARS™ can be used to demonstrate medical necessity for urine drug tests, as it predicts same-day aberrant urine drug test results

Many payers reimburse for the OARS™, and time spent assessing your patients may count toward MIPS incentives

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OARS™ Peer-Reviewed Manuscripts

Averill LA, Averill CL, Staley LA, Ozawa-Kirk J, Kauwe JSK, Henrie-Barrus, P. The Opioid Abuse Risk Screener predicts aberrant same-day urine drug tests and 1-year controlled substance database checks: A brief report. Health Psychol Open. 2017; 4(2): 2055102917748459.

Barrus PT, Averill LA, Sudweeks R, Averill CL, Mota N. Development and initial validation of the opioid abuse risk screener (OARS): a tool for opioid risk stratification. Health Psychol Open. 2017; 3(1):1-12.