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The Opioid Epidemic

40% of over 100 Million individuals in the US with chronic pain will seek medical help for pain.

40 Million People

20% of those 40 Million pain patients will become addicted to analgesics during treatment.

8 Million People

35% of those 40 Million pain patients are high risk for abuse or misuse of controlled substances.

14 Million People

Prevalence of Chronic Pain

Increase of Healthcare Costs

Likelihood of New Abuse

More than 80% of all physician consults in the US are pain-related.

Patients with chronic pain use a disproportionate amount of healthcare services.

1/50 patients will become addicted to their opioids and 1/25 will misuse.

Over 200 million suffer with Chronic pain annually in the US.

Healthcare costs for opioid abusers are 8-10 times higher than non-users.

Over 5,000 new people begin abusing opioids every day in the US.

Do you know your at-risk patients?

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